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12+ stories published and counting


December 2014

Tuccoo Learns to Read

Mittu, the monkey lived with his family in the lush green forests of Nandanvan. Mittu was the school captain and he loved reading books.


August (Second) 2016

Participation Matters

So, which event are you going to take part in on Sports Day?" asked Mom eagerly. "I won't be taking part in any event. In fact I won't even be going...


June (Second) 2018

A Summer Plan!

Manav returned home tired after a long day at the playground. His mother, Mrs. Gopal, was busy cleaning the house. "Can I help you...


January 2015

King Feel Free

Once upon a time, in a huge palace, there lived a powerful King. Nobody knew his name but everybody called him 'King Feel Free' because he....


September (First) 2016

The Bhurj Ice-Scrapper

Anu looked unhappily at her ice-cream. "Grnadpa, I want a bigger ice-cream with a hundred scoops on it!" she demanded. "A bigger one?" ...


May (Second) 2018

A Timely Prank

Mittu's mom came home looking worried. "I lost my purse," she said. "It had my bank cards, foreign exchange and my passport. Oh, I am so sorry...


October 2015

Mittu's Unexpected Reward

The school was abuzz with excitement. Children were bustling around with their models for the science fair which was being held..


November (Second) 2016

The Blue Circle

Vandana was busy. She kept running between the house and the outhouse, carrying loads of things everytime. "What are you doing Vandana?" ....


September (First) 2018

Mittu's Trick

"Dadaji, dadaji!" Mittu called as he came down the stairs. "Can you take Rex for a walk today? I have loads of homework to do."


October (First) 2015

The King Learns to Ride a Horse

Once upon a time there lived a king who had won many battles and who had conquered great kingdoms. He had big palaces, huge chariots....


August (Second) 2017

Mittu's Mission

Mittu's mom went to the backyard looking for him. She was surprised to find him there along with housekeeper's son, Gopu, giving...


August (First) 2016

Grandpa's Collection

Rohan was bored. His school had unexpectedly closed for a week due to heavy rains. He enjoyed the first two days, but he soon started feeling...


October (Second) 2017

The Best Diwali Yet

"We can't burst our crackers tonight, didi," groaned Dhruv, looking out of the window. "It hasn't stopped raining yet. Even if it did, there are just too...

About Champak

Champak is a popular fortnightly magazine for children published by the Delhi Press Group since 1969 in India. It is published twice a month. It is published in English and Hindi and 6 other Indian languages.

Champak was founded in 1969 by Vishwa Nath of Delhi Press and is one of the favorite magazines of children in India.

Author Comments

My first story with Champak is 'Tuccoo Learns to Read', published in December 2014. Till now around 13 of my stories are published in Champak and hope to write more for them. I thoroughly enjoy writing their theme based stories. Hope you enjoy reading them.

Note: The illustrations used in the website are from the stories, which are drawn by artists from Champak.

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