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About Pop-Sci-Cles

Pop-Sci-Cles (Popular Science and common tales), founded by Rohini Chintha, aims at engaging the age old tradition of storytelling, both as an effective means of Science communication and as a tool for introducing Indian folklore and Indian epics/mythology to audience of all age groups.

Stories have no cultural or age barriers, are easy to remember and help establish a connection between the narrator and the listener. Pop-Sci-cles is a magical means to simplify and endear concepts of Science to children and familiarize them with their cultural roots.

About Rohini Chintha

Rohini Chintha is an Assistant Professor (C) at the Department of Genetics and Biotechnology, University College for Women, Hyderabad. She specializes in Medical Biotechnology and her research was in Cancer Biology.


She is a Science Communicator, Storyteller and a Children’s story writer. She is bilingual in her literary pursuits and can narrate and write in English and Telugu.


She enjoys narrating Spontaneous stories, Science stories and Indian mythology.

She is passionate about writing for and narrating to children. She believes ‘A Happy Childhood contributes to a Happy Society’.


She has published more than 100 stories for children in various magazines like Champak, The Children’s Magazine, Magic Pot, I-Wonder (Azim Premji Foundation) and the Telugu magazine ‘Chinuku’ and ‘Sahiti Kiranam’.


Few Affiliations Popscicles is Proud Of


British Council, Hyderabad


Dr. K V Rao Scientific Society


Indian Women Scientists' Association

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