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  • Who can invite Po-Sci-Cles for a story session?
    Institutes and groups which fall under the following criteria or scenario can invite Po-Sci-Cles for a story session. 1. Academic Institutes conducting science communication or story telling workshops for students 2. Academic Institutes looking for science communication trainer for teachers 3. Schools looking for a Story Teller and Science Communicator for Kids 4. Summer Camps for Kids 5. Corporate HR activities 6. Libraries and Book Club gatherings 7. Orphanages looking for a Story Teller to educate and amuse children 8. Old-age homes looking for a Story Teller to amuse old people
  • What do you charge when you come as a resource person to an Institute?
    Most of the institutes have fixed compensation for resource persons and we abide by it if the sessions follow standard schedule. If the sessions are flexible and designed for a purpose, then the charges are based on effort required.
  • What is a tailor-made session?
    Tailor-made sessions are sessions with an objective to achieve. They require special content creation in association with the host team and other stakeholders.
  • What is a spontaneous story session?
    The story teller asks the audience for some keywords and weave an interesting story based on them. It is very enjoyable and Pop-Sci-Cles specialize in spontaneous story sessions.
  • Can government schools invite Pop-Sci-Cles for a story session?
    Yes you can. Pop-Sci-Cles provide free sessions to Government schools in and around Hyderabad. A letter of appreciation will do wonders for us.
  • Do you cater to Orphanages and Government Old-age homes?
    Yes! We do and we provide the standard sessions free of charge for institutions in and around Hyderabad.
  • Is there a minimum number of participants required?
    We prefer a group of twenty or more but not less than ten participants.
  • Can Pop-Sci-Cles be invited to non-academic private gatherings?
    Sorry. We would prefer an academic setting but we also conduct sessions at summer camps, libraries and book club gatherings.
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