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2 Stories based on Intelligence published and hope to write more 

A Lesson Learnt

October 2015 Issue

Once, a poor old farmer was travelling to a nearby town, when he met a young scholar. The scholar was very proud. He would challenge every one he met to tell him something new that he hadn't heard of before. If they couldn't, he would make them acknowledge him as the most knowledgeable person.

The Quick-witted Farmer

July 2019 Issue Vol 4

Once a farmer was ploughing his field when a lion, a tiger and a cheetah came out of the forest and stood before him. The farmer was frightened but he quickly recovered and asked the animals what they wanted.

About Dimdima

Dimdima is one of the most renowned magazines for children in India. It is published by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. The colourful magazine caters to the needs of readers between 8 and 16 yrs. It has subscribers from across the globe for it's print and digital platforms.

Dimdima provides infotainment to its young readers. The 48-page issue has all that is needed to create reading habit in children.

Author Comments

I tried to make the stories written to Dimdima witty with a folktale like feel, which appeals to middle and high school kids.

Note: The illustrations used in the website are from the stories, which are drawn by artists from Dimdima.

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